Terms & Conditions

All merchandise sold on this website is "As Is" with no expressed warranty and a No Return Policy!

Pictures and descriptions are of the actual item being sold.  It is up to the potential buyer to determine if this is the right item for you to purchase.  This is especially true in dealing with sizes.  Read carefully and ask questions if in doubt.  I will be more than happy to answer any of your questions up front.

DISCLAIMER:  With respect to the jerseys being sold, I've listed them all as being a "Replica" jersey.  I am no expert nor am I knowingly aware if the jerseys themselves are authentic and authorized or not!  I've had this question posed to me occasionally so here it is upfront.  New Jerseys:  The only "new" jerseys I sell are Custom made jerseys.  I do not sell any "new" jerseys with team or brand logos.  You be the judge!  Used Jerseys:  I try my best to describe the condition of the used jerseys I sell.  Keep in mind that any "used" garment will inevitably have stains, smudges, discoloration, fade, loose threading, holes, unevenness, shrinkage, snags, pulls, and any one or more potential problems.  Again, ask any questions up front prior to purchase!

In conclusion, I'm in the resale business.  I don't guarantee anything.  Buy it if you like it and as always, do your homework first and ask all the questions up front prior to purchase.  We both want to have a smooth and pleasant transaction.  Thank you.